The Wheel of Time

Chapter 10: A journey begins...

With the party given a new task—return to Jokoma—they must prepare themselves for the long journey through the snowy landscape. But first they are in need of a guide, a “living map” to carry them safely back to locate Felicity. Not to mention the party is running low on supplies…
The party splits in half once more. Elin and Syrio Forel decide to find someplace to purchase their wares. The place they find, NigNog’s Emporium, is hardly the finest establishment on the continent, but it serves their needs well enough. They attempt to haggle down the price of their goods but instead find themselves in possession of a near two dozen “fuzzy muffins” along with their normal traveling items. All told, NigNog commands a hefty price for all the items and the horses, but Elin and Syrio have stocked the party for travel.
Meanwhile, Talia chooses to escort Morigan back to the green Aes Sedai. She leaves Morigan there to practice learning new weaves, while Talia goes to find out more about training in the art of the sword. Both young women pick up new skills—Morigan in new weaves and Talia in using the rapier—as a result of their training.
Eventually the party congregates again in one of the rowdier bars—no thanks to the notorious and slightly mad Hoss Delgado—and they are introduced to Tzofiya who turns out to know a lot about the surrounding area. She agrees to join them and the party of five soon leaves for Jokoma.
That night they take up in the woods and soon all but Syrio are made aware of sounds in the forest. Tzofiya and Talia investigate and discover that they are being surrounded on many sides by people in weird armor. Soon after, they are taken by surprise by a large group of fighters wearing bizarre bug-themed helmets. After Syrio finally comes to, the fight begins. Or so they think. Elin attacks Morigan, attempting to take her prisoner, and it is discovered that Elin has been sent to “collar” something known as a “marath’damane,” a phrase none of the other members of the party recognize.
The plan fails, and the party takes on the group of soldiers. Syrio nearly perishes in the fight, but the last-moment arrival of a familiar face, Kas, ensures his survival. Kas appears to have good information to give them—and convinces Elin to reveal a little more about his true allegiances—before Kas is hauled off into the shadows. The night grows unnaturally dark, what is happening?



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