The Wheel of Time

Chapter 11: Dark Dreams

A looming darkness engulfs the party; they strain their eyes to try to pierce it, but to no avail. As the seconds tick by, they see what appears to be lights and a city. They look around and see only forest every other way. They decide to head towards the city. They bring their horses, as they get closer to the city they see that it has rivers on either side of the city. Both Elin and Morigan identify the city as Tar Valon. They see a few bridges connecting their side of the river to Tar Valon. They cross one and enter the city.
The city is not Tar Varlon, it was like an evil opposite. The streets are dimly lit, and darkness everywhere. The bridges disappear after they get into the city, they must keep going. As they get further into the city they hear laughing, children laughing. They see a little girl in the street, playing with a toy. As they approach she turns around to reveal a wide, sinister smile. She screeches at them and attacks! Several other little girls appear from atop buildings and attack as well.
When the finally defeat the little girls, they healed up and rested for a bit. They were terrified about what they saw. Then they continue on towards the center of the city, they come to a wide open space without any buildings. In the center is a man locked up in a stock. They approach warily, but he already knows they are there. As they get near he explains that he has been trapped here since time immemorial. He says that he knows everything, and knows nothing about whatever. He is obviously nuts. He tells them they are in a dream bubble, originally made to imprison him, but then nightmares from the dream world started to enter it and run amok in it. He went on to say that if they were drawn or pulled into here one of them must be a very powerful dreamer. He proposes a deal, they release him from the stock, and he’ll answer a question to each of them and tell them how to get out of the dream bubble.
The party agrees to his deal, after he answers their questions, they let him out, he instantly transforms into a dark-skinned individual with pointy ears and a large hat. He then informs the party that they need to face their own nightmares and fight them. Enter any door and they will have to fight their nightmares.
The first nightmare they walk into is Jokoma, the town is burned down and trollocs are everywhere. It is Tzofiya’s night mare, the fight their way out and find another door; they walk through and find themselves on a ship during a storm. It is Talia’s nightmare, her father is there and they fight. Her father throws them all overboard. They manage to survive and climb onto a floating door, this nightmare is over. On to the next one……..



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