The Wheel of Time

Chapter 12: Dark Dreams

The nightmares keep coming as the party passes through the door. They find themselves on top of the landslide in Tarwin’s Gap and besieged once again by the enemy, but another—Alfred, returned from the dead and furious at the betrayal—pursues them all, in particular Syrio. With the assailing force defeated, they move once more from nightmare to nightmare, leaving behind Syrio’s (very deeply buried) guilt and into Elin’s fears.
The group is in an unknown place, a large chamber bedecked in the phases of the moon. And there are more of the insect-helmed warriors—the Seanchan—and the mysterious figure who holds complete control over Elin’s future. More fighting ensues and only after the Seanchan are felled are they permitted to move to the last nightmare.
Once more they are in the false Tar Valon, and only one nightmare remains: Morigan’s. The party explores the town and finds the strange man still bound in the square. After much bickering, the man is set free with only more mysterious words for them all. But the nightmare is not ended, and half the party presses on to get to the bottom of it. They come upon a house and enter, and the true horror of Morigan’s nightmare strikes them all. But what foe is there to conquer?
The answer is discovered with the other half of the party; the giant shadow-spider has returned with Kas in hand (fang) and another battle begins! A great wall of fire erupts from the ground, separating those outside of it from the beast. The party gradually regroups to slay the beast and, at last, it seems as though the nightmare is ending. They awake to find they have moved naught in the night. Was it really all a dream?



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