The Wheel of Time

Chapter 14: Jokoma Revisited

The melodious singing keeps drawing Sophia towards the figure out the woods. As this happens, the rest of the party is asleep. All the sudden Elin wakes up to find something biting hard on his foot like there is rats’ big rat in his tent. They are in Morigan and Talia’s tent as well. Immediately Syrio realizes what’s going on and shrieks and tries to stab at a rat with his dagger as Elin fruitlessly tries to fight the rats. Sophia keeps walking towards the creature in the woods inside her head she’s screaming trying to fight but the music just keeps drawing her towards its lullaby like singing. Elin manages to crawl out of the tent, there’s no fucking way he’s messing with those rats. He sees Sophia and he tries to run after her but trips and falls into the campfire. Syrio decides that the dagger is not good enough and tries to draw his sword to kill these rats but as the draws it out it cuts one of the spar’s holding up the tent and the tent collapses on him trapping him inside there with the rats. Morgan is able to get out her tent, while Talia tries to run over and keep Sophia from being drawn towards to figure.
Morgan starts to draw on the power but all the sudden Ravens fly out and start attacking her making it difficult to do a weave. While still on fire Elin manages to seize the power and weaves a fireball towards the creature. This is what breaks the creature’s concentration and Sofia is able to break free. One of the Ravens comes towards her and start attacking but she starts to fight it off, the creature starts flying from side to side mesmerizing party members attacking and slashing. They party manages to gather themselves together and use a united attack towards the creature, and finally being able to slay it.
The battle took most of the night and then the next day they spent recovering until the early afternoon when they start traveling again. As they draw closer to Jokoma they come across a cabin on the outskirts of the town, this cabin belongs to Sophia and her family. As they get closer to it they see that it is mostly burn down and trolley tracks are everywhere. Sofia gets quite emotional and as she searches around she finds a chest that was her fathers. She finds a hidden compartment that contains an old beaten and rusted sword with a wolf on its pommel and an old ancient barely held together banner with 3 rampid wolves. She ponders this and discusses it with Elin who for some reason knows a bit about it. Then they set off again towards Jokoma, easy to find now that the Obelisk has grown bigger.
Outside the Obelisk they see a small army of trollocs and red veiled men led by a completely cloaked figure and a large red veiled man with a golden lizard all down his arm. The army moves into the black obelisk leaving behind one veiled man and two trollocs to guard what appears to be a woman. The woman turns out to be Felicity after the party saves her from the Trollocs and veiled men, at which time she informs them that the Obelisk is an Armory from the Age of Legends.



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