The Wheel of Time

Chapter 16: Portal Games

Talia, Elin, and Morigan thought over about their choices, and each separately decided to make a deal. They each tod Jak what they wanted and he gave it to them, with a price of course. He didn’t inform them of the price however. Morrigan paid for her power with her humanity and emotions. Elin had to pay for his with servitude to Jack for some unknown reason. Talia has no idea what she paid for or what price she paid all she has is a little ship in a bottle.
They are able to exit the realm now and find the rest of the party Syrio and Tzophia chasing after a little metal spider thing. They quickly yell that it had taken an Energy Core and will restart the alarm system. They chase it through the rooms, but they unfortunately loose in in the many portals. They find instead a group of Trollocs and two men who can channel. The fight is bloody and gruesome, the channelers show their expertise by blocking Elin’s fireball with hardened air. Then attacking the party with Fireballs of their own. Elin keeps fighting back, but he takes to much damage, and retreats through the portal to find a Fade in the other room. He leads it back into the first room and the party gangs up on it until the Fade decides to leave.
They defeat the group of shadowspawn and channelers then travel through the next portal. The portal in this third room they discover leads to the outside, in the mountains. Even though there is snow all over the path seems to be warm for no reason. They sneak along and find a disturbing scene. There is a small army of red-veiled men, lead by a cloaked figure. the figure is a channeler trying to break through some sort of shield, he finally does. When approaches the alter in the shield he gets angry, and yells at his army to destroy the facility. The army disappears through slits in the air, and Elin feels something heavy in his pack. he opens it up to find a statue on the inside that has a note attached to it saying “please return this, love Jak.” He places the statue on the alter then Yells “Fuck you Ishmael!!!!” As they leave the party begins to decide what they will do about the small army.



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