The Wheel of Time

Chapter 17: F *** You Ishmael!!!

After Elin screamed that towards the heavens, he rejoined the rest of the party where they were and they headed back towards the Gateway that led to the armory. When they got back into the armory they knew they had to find where their opponents are. They I started exploring again and they found the, energy room. As well as a library and then armory with shock lances. But before they could enter the energy room they got caught into a huge battle, a fade appeared out from the shadows and attacked Elin, Tzofiya, Morrigan and Talia while eight trollocs attacked Syrio on the other side of the hallway as he was cut off. Battle is ensued the fade with tearing apart the other members they were not prepared for such a beast. While Syrio was able to dodge the trollocs attackes but only for a time. Soon both Tzofiya and Elin fell to the fades attacks and all that was left was Talia and Morrigan. Finally Talia got lucky and was able to kill the Fade while morrigan tried to recover the rest of the party Syrio returned because the trollocs all died after the fad did. Then they heard mysterious noises from the other room not the power room mind you, but the other one as she entered, she notice there was a weird hatch that appeared in the room and a man came out with a long tube things looking around for the power room as he saw them he looked shocked that said they would have to meet the captain. She and the party took a step through the hatch and appeared on the ship that seemed to be floating and nothingless. When they enter the captain’s cabin they noticed a young woman sitting at the desk she looked up and it was lydia from before in the ways. The woman just looked at them and said “s***”.



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