The Wheel of Time

Chp 18: The Time Ship

The party talks with Lydia for a Time in her office, then lydia says that they can rest recover here before they return to where they came. Lydia states that this ship has the ability to return them at the exact moment they left even if they spend days here. They get escorted to a room where they’re able to go to sleep and has many furnishings that they do not recognize. The next day they wake up and they find food set out for them that they could cook and eat. As a written that you’re banging on the door and a large furry creature is out there and he says his name is the gardener and he needs to go and give them their names with the rabbit. He escorts them into a large room filled with all sorts of items some of the party members go and grab a few of the items that a mysterious figure appears with a long black overcoat and a mask and what appears to be a rabbit. The mask is a quite terrifying rabbit though. He give them their names, that he says well they are on the ship they should be called as. And then there’s a loud bang and they go out to the top of the shipping they see if loading figure wearing a black helmet speaking out loud to them, Elin, can tell that it is a powerful male Channelr. The fight ensues, with lydia going after the mail chandler well everybody else fights these shadow creatures the summons. Pretty soon it is seen that they are losing, so rabbit teleports them away and then send them back to where they came without so much as a thank you. They find themselves back in the armory, in the energy room. They fight the mail channel is in there and defeat them thus saving the armory what did they really do any good?



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