The Wheel of Time

Chapter 9: Fal Dara

The party has been Fal Dara for about a week recovering after the events of Tarwin’ Gap. They have no idea who is paying for their room, board and meals at the inn they are staying at. Every time they have tried to leave they were turned away by the guards.
This day Morigan and Talia notice and interesting fellow outside of their inn. As they leave to investigate, Syrio Forel leaves to try and replace his broken sword. When he meets with a Shineran smith nearby, the smith doesn’t know what a rapier is. Morigan and Talia loose track of the mysterious fellow they saw. The fellow was whittling something.They find the mysterious whittler, at the same smith that Syrio was at. As they talk to the mysterious guy for a bit syrio wanders around town and find some of his countrymen. They practiced the fine art of fencing with him as all Altarans do. The girls try talking to the mysterious guy, he doesn’t say much and leaves.
While all of this is going on Elin goes to take a hot bath, in the inn’s public bath (what? its Shienar). While in there he recognizes someone from his past. He goes over to the man in the bath house and talks to him. The man says his name is Enabran Taim, Elin remembers the name but not the man. They leave and have a quite discussion in another room. After the discussion Elin doesn’t remember what was said, or what the man looked like, only the mans name Enabran Taim.
Later the party meets back at their inn when they are attacked by the Altaran men Syrio met earlier and the mysterious whittler!!! He reveals his name to be Indigo Montoya. He says there is a huge bounty on Syrio Forels head by the Altaran queen whose Syrio’s family apparently tried to kill. They fight and the party is victorious over the bounty hunters. They keep Indigo alive, for questioning, but as they leave they see a large group of Shienaren guardsman protecting a hooded figure. They are heading towards the party’s inn. They party try to escape with their prisoner, but unfortunately get cornered and forced to meet with the hooded figure within the inn. They turn Indigo over to the guardsmen, he is in jail now.
The hooded figure turns out to be an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, she says she has been keeping an eye on Morigan for quite some time because Morigan has potential to become one of the most powerful Aes Sedai since she herself earned the shaw. After the Party tells the Aes Sedai about their adventures, she turns to them as instructs them to return to Jokoma and find Felicity. Apparently the Aes Sedai is friends with Felicity and she feels that Felicity’s work was to important to not follow up on her.



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