The Wheel of Time

Interlude 2: Snert and Kray

Snert hated digging

Snert didn’t want to be here. He wanted to go attack another village

Snert liked attacking villages. That was how he and his fist got food this close to the

He particularly liked the little foods the best

They didn’t run away from Snert as fast, and they had the most flavor.

The older foods fought back sometimes.

Some of them clad themselves in iron.

So Snert goes after the small ones.

Snert hates digging.

The mean-one is making Snert’s fist dig.

Mean ones get flowing black cloaks.

Snert wants a flowing black cloak, but it’s forbidden to kill a mean one, not like Snert could.

Snert’s fist mate was nearby

Snert knew him as Kray

Kray can’t talk.

Snert can.

Snert wants to leave.

Snert notices the mean one looking the other way.

Snert sneaks away with Kray.

Snert and Kray hear rumbling.

They see their other fist mates uncover something.

They can’t see now.

Stupid dust. Where did that come from?

Snert and Kray hear a mean one screech and see a fist mate fly through the air.

Snert is jealous.

Snert wants to fly.

Snert sees the dust clears.

Snert sees a big foods come out of a hole they had dug.

Fist mates run from it.

It has its hands around the mean ones neck.

Mean one is dead.

Food killed mean one?

Snert sees that it’s not foods.

It’s rock, in the shape of foods.

The stone foods was carrying something.

It was foods!!!!

Brown foods!!!!

Snert looked at Kray.

Kray was slobbering.

They ran out towards the foods.

Snert could already taste the nice bloody, meaty foods.

The stone foods stood up.

Stone foods was big.

Snert got scared.

Snert heard a squish.

Where did Kray go?

The sun was blocked out.

The stone foods’ fist was big….



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