The Wheel of Time

Chapter 8: Tarwin's Gap

Where we left off our party was surrounded with a myrddraal accompanied by three trollocs on either side. Elin finally wakes up and immediately starts attacking a nearby trolloc. Alfred and Syrio decide to stand their ground and fight as well. Meanwhile, downhill, Morigan and Talia are attacked by the other myrddraal and his trolloc minions. To make matters worse, two veiled men began chasing Elin to the edge of the cliff and trying to shield him from the One Power.
From the gap, the clamor of battle rises to meet the thunder of the storming clouds above. The trolloc brutes charge, the Fades swing their swords, and those red-veiled men channel their weaves, this looks like our heroes’ end; their shields splintered, their blades sundered, and their minds and bodies exhausted. Elin peers toward the gap and sees the armies of man and beast pull back from one another.
The army of men retreats, regrouping under their banner: a swooping black hawk. The trollocs reform under their various banners, a blood red trident, an iron fist and a horned skull, all symbols of terror and shadow. The army of men was failing, wounded men waver in their saddles, archers scrounge for more arrows, and rider-less horses rear and gallop away. It was obvious that they could not stand another meeting against the forces of the Dark One. Yet the men stand, and do not leave. They form ranks and prepare for the charge.
The trollocs give guttural roars as they begin their charge towards the men. Fades rush alongside them, and bat-like creatures screech above them all – heading towards the army of men. A yelled command rises from the men as the archers loose a hail of arrows towards the oncoming trolloc hoards. Many trollocs fall, but not enough. The men abroad horses gallop to meet the oncoming army head on, being only a fraction of the size of the trolloc force. They are doomed, they will fall, and darkness will inherit the land.
Suddenly, light bursts from parting clouds, revealing a figure standing in the center of the battlefield facing towards the trolloc army. He raises his hands as fire erupts from the ground beneath the trollocs, forming great walls of fire, and burning trollocs alive. The stench of searing trolloc flesh fills the air as the clouds thunder louder than before and lighting strikes down upon the bat-like creatures and fades alike. Mesmerized by the scene, our heroes hear a loud boom – lightning strikes the peaks of the mountain. Rocks begin to fall upon them and shadow spawn alike. They can feel the mountain shake and crumble around them.
Boulders begin crashing down, luckily killing a few trollocs and a veiled man. Morigan and Talia run away and Elin follows them. Alfred is knocked unconscious, just as a landslide begins down the mountain. He is engulfed and buried alive. Syrio, on the other hand, makes it much farther towards the group before being struck down and rendered unconscious. The landslide starts to bury him, but, thankfully, once Elin kills the last myrddraal, the landslide stops and all of the trollocs die as well. The party was able to dig, and rescue Syrio, however, Alfred was presumed dead.



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