The Wheel of Time

Chapter 3: The False Dragon

With all the partying from the night before, the next morning was a slow one for our heroes, but eventually, they gathered and set out to see the False Dragon Logain enter Caemlyn. The party headed for a small square where they could get a good view when Logain passed. Shortly after the party arrived, they notice a disturbance in the crowd nearby. Four armed men in cloaks of white were harassing a middle-aged man. Curious, the party headed toward them.
Morigan convinces their leader, Under Lieutenant Arlvin, to turn the man over to the party so that the White Cloaks can go and search for Dark Friends that may be lurking. Once the White Cloaks are gone, the man says his name is Elin, and that they were harassing him because of his foreign accent. The party accepts him as being no immediate threat, and continued to watch as the parade began.
Ranks upon ranks of armed guards came marching through the center of town. Followed by them, were an intimidating number of Aes Sedai, wearing a variety of different colored shawls, surrounding a caged wagon containing the False Dragon. Logain carried himself as if he were being honored instead of imprisoned, and gave a direct glance at the party as the procession passed by.
As the party headed back to the Golden Stag, they were met partway by the filthy beggar. He said that Lieutenant Martyn sent him to find them and bring them to him. The group senses that it is some sort of trap, but decides to follow anyway. The beggar takes them farther into the city, to a building with what appear to be guardsmen inside. Elin, Talia, Alfred, and Syrio walk inside where the door is immediately locked behind them. Morigan, who stayed outside as a precaution, is severely stabbed by the beggar as he runs away.
The party defeats the fake guardsmen, and Syrio runs for help while Alfred tries to stop Morigan’s bleeding. Syrio ends up running into the real Lieutenant Martyn, who was able to successfully patch up Morigan. Lieutenant Martyn promised to find them answers, and the party returned to the Golden Stag.
Upon returning, they found Master Ferrin outside his inn, saying the Sister B’elanna had returned and that she wanted to talk to them. Inside she scolded the entire party and somehow enlisted them to start a journey to the White Tower to return Morigan, because she was too busy with her business in Caemlyn. She finished healing Morigan and left.
Later that evening, Talia went into the library and met a grey-robed man. She questions him, but he never seems to give any definite answers. Finally, he decides he will take a book with him and leaves Talia with ten gold crowns in return. She tells Master Ferrin of her strange encounter and he lets her keep one of the gold crowns.



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