The Wheel of Time

Chapter 6: The Stone Man of Jokoma

After being saved by Aes Sedai Felicity, Alfred runs off and starts setting the remaining buildings on fire. Elin wakes up, stark naked except for the towels that Talia had wrapped him in. Morigan cuts Elin’s arms out and finds him some clothes and shoes from the rumble. Finally fully clothed, Elin digs and finds the cylinder of light that made him feel weak earlier. The moment Elin sets his hand on the object, he passes out. Felicity returns, curious of what happened to Elin. She picks up the cylinder and casts a weave to prevent it from knocking Elin out again. Elin comes to and Felicity hands the cylinder over to him. She tells the party that she’ll be at her camp if they needed anything.
Elin approached the obelisk and tried using combinations of different weaves until it rose out of the ground, leaving a three feet gap beneath it. Because the earth was so frozen, Alfred and Morigan bring over wood from the collapsed inn and light a large bon fire. Meanwhile, Talia and Syrio find a decent building and sleep. After a time, Morigan has had enough and crawls beneath the obelisk. She drops ten feet and finds herself in a hallway made of the same smooth, black stone as the giant obelisk. Elin decides to follow, and anchors a rope. He, along with Talia and Syrio, make it through, although Alfred’s armor is too bulky and leaves him stuck in the entrance.
The group walks down the corridor for an hour or so until they come across a doorway similar to the one that led them to Jokoma. Weary, our travelers pass through and find a type of workshop with another veiled man and two more trollocs. Syrio runs and stabs a trollac while the man hurls a fireball in between Elin and Morigan. The man then shields Elin from using the power, though Elin pays no mind and attacks the other trolloc. Inspired by Elin, Talia summons her courage and joins the fight as well. Morigan uses weaves to throw tables and heal her allies. At last, the veiled man is so furious that he creates a giant fireball that harms Talia and Elin, but ultimately burns him to a crisp.
After the battle, the group notices that there are many strange symbols on the walls and more doorways. At the end of one, they can her singing that sounds familiar to Morigan. Elin uses the Power to open the door and they find Felicity in the cavern beyond. Felicity is cleaning what appears to be a giant statue of a man, except there is a hole in his chest. Elin inserts the cylinder and both of the stone man’s giant fists come crashing down on either side of Elin.



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