Lt. Martyn Tallanvor

a young Lieutenant in the Queens Guard

Lt. Martyn made his first appearence when he was sent to investigate the trollocs at the The Golden Stag. The next day the Filthy Beggar lured the party into a trap which they ade it out of by the skin of their teeth. Syrio Forel ran off after the battle to find the guard and he found Martyn. It is at this time that Martyn mentions a rumor about a young man falling into the castle garden he wanted t go look into.

Spoiler down below

This is the first example of where the continuity changes because of the existence of the party characters, because Lt. Martyn Tallovar was puled away he didn’t get the chance to investigate the rumor and thus was not the guardsman who escorted Rand out of the castle. If you want to learn more about the campaigns continuity click here.


Lt. Martyn Tallanvor

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