Syrio Forel

The third son of an Altaran noble House, he has decided that there is nothing for him at home so he sets forth to find adventure and legend.


Race: Altaran
Age: 22
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 12.8 Stone
Brown Hair
Green Eyes

Dai’Dore Level: 3
Hp: 20
Ac: 18
Initiative: +9

Str: 13
Dex: 17
Con: 11
Int: 17
Wis: 11
Cha: 13

Fortitude: 1
Reflex: 6
Will: 2


Syrio Forel’s Journal

The hostilities of the White Cloak War caused many of the noble families of Altars to gather their armsmen and march north. This led to an issue where there was no one to guard the farmers and locals left behind. In this power vacuum rose a particularly nasty group of bandits called the Golden Lions led by a sadistic bastard who went by the name of Joffrey Lanister. The farmers quickly got fed up by all of the raiding and rallied behind one of their own, Allois Forel. Allois organized an ambush in one of the villages and ended the bandit threat by filling them with crossbow bolts. As reward for this feat the throne of Altara granted Allois land and a title of nobility.
Fast forward fourty years, the Forel family is a very small noble house with some land near Jurador. The sigil of the house is a Sparrow in Flight with a twig of thorns clutched in it feet. Allois had three sons, the youngest of whom is named Syrio.
Growing up as a noble Syrio was taught the arts of war. Like most of the young nobles from around Ebou Dar, he prefers to use a very slender sword that folk from other lands might consider too small to be of any use. As the youngest of three, Syrio had very few responsibilities and so would frequently run off to the big city of Ebou Dar where he followed local traditions and entered into many a duel. Current record is 15 wins, 3 draws and no losses.


Syrio Forel

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