The Wheel of Time

Chapter 15: Armed and Ready
The party stared at the obelisk, unaware of what they would find inside. They had healed their wounds and helped felicity with her injuries. They had to carry her through the portal. When they came out the other side it was dark. Then light flashed on from above on the roof of the room, they appeared to be little fires in glass orbs. To the right they see another portal mirror; It was from the lab that they had entered before. On the floor next to the broken portal is on Onix, in pieces with his arms ripped off “who could do this to Onix?” They wondered. There was a door on the far side of the room. They open the door and found a long hallway that lead to more doors. The doors appeared locked except there is a metal bar across the form of them that when pushed open the doors. In the halls they see pictures and weird writing in the old tongue a city translates it says that they were some sort of inspiring quotes or sayings of propaganda for the army of light.
Felicity decides that she would like to return back to onyx, she is tired. The party enters the next room, in the next room they find corpses string across tile both human and trolloc. On closer inspection it is noticed that the corpse have been beaten to death, bruised and strewn in pieces. In the far side of the room they see another portal with a red tinge to it with a lever with three settings right next to it as they explore two trollocs come out of the portal they freak out and start a fight but Talia notices that there are traps set up and they step on one and a sphere pops out of the ceiling to come down it starts to hover that should an image of an ancient Aes Sedai fellow, he says his name is Daedalus and that this is his security system. And that if they do not show ID it will activate and they will be destroyed.
The Trollocs flee back into the portal very scared the party runs through an adjacent door but they find themselves around by Golems bigger than onyx, one steps away from the others and just disappears. They pear through the door into the other room to see is standing in there searching for them with a red light thing. Thankfully it did not find them and as it returns to its spot on the wall. Elin get the idea of taking the energy cores, filled with Sadin, out of all of them. The rest of the party is dealing with the traps and exploring the area. Elin takes one of the battery packs and it takes over to onyx’s body and plugs it in reactivating him, onyx seems more relaxed since the last time they met and he talks to elin and explains that his head can be popped off for convenience. The rest of the party discovers that the lever can change with the portal goes. They go through one room and find a large map of the world with little figurines all over it; Elin comes in and asks Onyx about it. He just says that those are the most powerful Sangrel and Terangrel that Dadalus created. He wanted a way to keep track of them. Talia and Morrigan are in the adjacent office of this map room and they find a twisted red door frame a portal of sorts to another world. Morgan actually bumps Talia and she falls through and finds herself in a strange world. Talia starts to walk in she finds a huge dining table with a piece set before her with all her favorite food and standing at the end of the table is Jack he explains that this was his home for a while actually a present but he found his way out he returned just for fun. Once again jack is a mystery and unknown, jacket that explains that the only way she can get out is if they make a deal a bargain if it were, he admits that most likely she will get burned but that does not necessarily mean she can’t benefit, he goes on to say that it’s not his rules it’s somebody else’s and their kind of forced upon him because he’s in this room. Then Jack goes on to just babble random stuff and be completely crazy what is up with Jack? In the real world Elin worries and he and Morgan go through to see what they can do and then Jack explains to them the same thing he told Talia the trap there until they make a deal, so we will see what will happen.
Chapter 16: Portal Games
Talia, Elin, and Morigan thought over about their choices, and each separately decided to make a deal. They each tod Jak what they wanted and he gave it to them, with a price of course. He didn’t inform them of the price however. Morrigan paid for her power with her humanity and emotions. Elin had to pay for his with servitude to Jack for some unknown reason. Talia has no idea what she paid for or what price she paid all she has is a little ship in a bottle.
They are able to exit the realm now and find the rest of the party Syrio and Tzophia chasing after a little metal spider thing. They quickly yell that it had taken an Energy Core and will restart the alarm system. They chase it through the rooms, but they unfortunately loose in in the many portals. They find instead a group of Trollocs and two men who can channel. The fight is bloody and gruesome, the channelers show their expertise by blocking Elin’s fireball with hardened air. Then attacking the party with Fireballs of their own. Elin keeps fighting back, but he takes to much damage, and retreats through the portal to find a Fade in the other room. He leads it back into the first room and the party gangs up on it until the Fade decides to leave.
They defeat the group of shadowspawn and channelers then travel through the next portal. The portal in this third room they discover leads to the outside, in the mountains. Even though there is snow all over the path seems to be warm for no reason. They sneak along and find a disturbing scene. There is a small army of red-veiled men, lead by a cloaked figure. the figure is a channeler trying to break through some sort of shield, he finally does. When approaches the alter in the shield he gets angry, and yells at his army to destroy the facility. The army disappears through slits in the air, and Elin feels something heavy in his pack. he opens it up to find a statue on the inside that has a note attached to it saying “please return this, love Jak.” He places the statue on the alter then Yells “Fuck you Ishmael!!!!” As they leave the party begins to decide what they will do about the small army.
Chapter 17: F *** You Ishmael!!!
After Elin screamed that towards the heavens, he rejoined the rest of the party where they were and they headed back towards the Gateway that led to the armory. When they got back into the armory they knew they had to find where their opponents are. They I started exploring again and they found the, energy room. As well as a library and then armory with shock lances. But before they could enter the energy room they got caught into a huge battle, a fade appeared out from the shadows and attacked Elin, Tzofiya, Morrigan and Talia while eight trollocs attacked Syrio on the other side of the hallway as he was cut off. Battle is ensued the fade with tearing apart the other members they were not prepared for such a beast. While Syrio was able to dodge the trollocs attackes but only for a time. Soon both Tzofiya and Elin fell to the fades attacks and all that was left was Talia and Morrigan. Finally Talia got lucky and was able to kill the Fade while morrigan tried to recover the rest of the party Syrio returned because the trollocs all died after the fad did. Then they heard mysterious noises from the other room not the power room mind you, but the other one as she entered, she notice there was a weird hatch that appeared in the room and a man came out with a long tube things looking around for the power room as he saw them he looked shocked that said they would have to meet the captain. She and the party took a step through the hatch and appeared on the ship that seemed to be floating and nothingless. When they enter the captain’s cabin they noticed a young woman sitting at the desk she looked up and it was lydia from before in the ways. The woman just looked at them and said “s***”.
Chp 18: The Time Ship
The party talks with Lydia for a Time in her office, then lydia says that they can rest recover here before they return to where they came. Lydia states that this ship has the ability to return them at the exact moment they left even if they spend days here. They get escorted to a room where they’re able to go to sleep and has many furnishings that they do not recognize. The next day they wake up and they find food set out for them that they could cook and eat. As a written that you’re banging on the door and a large furry creature is out there and he says his name is the gardener and he needs to go and give them their names with the rabbit. He escorts them into a large room filled with all sorts of items some of the party members go and grab a few of the items that a mysterious figure appears with a long black overcoat and a mask and what appears to be a rabbit. The mask is a quite terrifying rabbit though. He give them their names, that he says well they are on the ship they should be called as. And then there’s a loud bang and they go out to the top of the shipping they see if loading figure wearing a black helmet speaking out loud to them, Elin, can tell that it is a powerful male Channelr. The fight ensues, with lydia going after the mail chandler well everybody else fights these shadow creatures the summons. Pretty soon it is seen that they are losing, so rabbit teleports them away and then send them back to where they came without so much as a thank you. They find themselves back in the armory, in the energy room. They fight the mail channel is in there and defeat them thus saving the armory what did they really do any good?

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