The Wheel of Time

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Golden Stag
Our story begins in the town of Caemlyn. The town is filled with out-of-towners hoping to catch a glimpse of the False Dragon Logain, who had recently been captured by the Red Aes Sedai. After spending a couple of days in town, our heroes find themselves at the Golden Stag Inn. Talia work’s at the Golden Stag, She is now serving tables in the crowded common room. Syrio Forel, who came to see the false dragon, was now playing dice, although rather poorly. The Red Ajah had brought Accepted Morigan to the city in an attempt to convince her to join their Ajah. Morigan is now sitting at a table with the sisters, pretending to listen. The Inn is also filled with locals wearing red or white, with red in support of the Queen, and white against her. Tensions are high between them, but Innkeep Master Ferrin addressed for there to be no conflict on his property and his bouncers kept his will.
Due to his downturn in luck, Syrio Forel asks Talia to roll for him, though neither of them win any gold. An announcement is made that there is a surplus of pork sausages roasting in the stable yard stirs Syrio Forel’ appetite and he goes outside. Talia rests from serving tables, secretly listening to customers’ conversations. Morigan meditates inside Red Sister guardian’s room.
The stable yard is filled with people gathered around the fires, feasting on the succulent meat. Not long after Syrio Forel enters the yard, a fight breaks out between two locals. One tries to pull out his knife, however, a bouncer grabs him and throws him into the shed, knocking down the door. Three figures are revealed with a wriggling burlap sack. The figures are taller than any man and carry the features of various animals. With screams of fright, the customers scatter, running every which way. The bouncer and Syrio Forel stay, starring up at the large beast-man. Its two companions escape through the alleyway, burlap sack in tow. The noise and commotion reaches everyone inside the inn. Both Talia and Morigan rush downstairs and into the stable yard.
Syrio Forel and the bouncer have begun fighting the trolloc, but not to much avail. Syrio Forel took a strike across his shoulder and chest while the bouncer was brutally decapitated. At last, the trolloc was defeated, and its body fell on top of poor Syrio, trapping him underneath. Talia and Morigan push the trolloc off of him, and Morigan heals his wounds. As a crowd of people come around the stable master, Bennet, runs to them screaming, “Sirene! They took my poor Sirene!”

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