The Wheel of Time

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Golden Stag
Our story begins in the town of Caemlyn. The town is filled with out-of-towners hoping to catch a glimpse of the False Dragon Logain, who had recently been captured by the Red Aes Sedai. After spending a couple of days in town, our heroes find themselves at the Golden Stag Inn. Talia work’s at the Golden Stag, She is now serving tables in the crowded common room. Syrio Forel, who came to see the false dragon, was now playing dice, although rather poorly. The Red Ajah had brought Accepted Morigan to the city in an attempt to convince her to join their Ajah. Morigan is now sitting at a table with the sisters, pretending to listen. The Inn is also filled with locals wearing red or white, with red in support of the Queen, and white against her. Tensions are high between them, but Innkeep Master Ferrin addressed for there to be no conflict on his property and his bouncers kept his will.
Due to his downturn in luck, Syrio Forel asks Talia to roll for him, though neither of them win any gold. An announcement is made that there is a surplus of pork sausages roasting in the stable yard stirs Syrio Forel’ appetite and he goes outside. Talia rests from serving tables, secretly listening to customers’ conversations. Morigan meditates inside Red Sister guardian’s room.
The stable yard is filled with people gathered around the fires, feasting on the succulent meat. Not long after Syrio Forel enters the yard, a fight breaks out between two locals. One tries to pull out his knife, however, a bouncer grabs him and throws him into the shed, knocking down the door. Three figures are revealed with a wriggling burlap sack. The figures are taller than any man and carry the features of various animals. With screams of fright, the customers scatter, running every which way. The bouncer and Syrio Forel stay, starring up at the large beast-man. Its two companions escape through the alleyway, burlap sack in tow. The noise and commotion reaches everyone inside the inn. Both Talia and Morigan rush downstairs and into the stable yard.
Syrio Forel and the bouncer have begun fighting the trolloc, but not to much avail. Syrio Forel took a strike across his shoulder and chest while the bouncer was brutally decapitated. At last, the trolloc was defeated, and its body fell on top of poor Syrio, trapping him underneath. Talia and Morigan push the trolloc off of him, and Morigan heals his wounds. As a crowd of people come around the stable master, Bennet, runs to them screaming, “Sirene! They took my poor Sirene!”
Chapter 2: The Hunt
The crowd grows as more people enter to see what caused all of the commotion, as Master Ferrin begs Syrio to find Bennet’s daughter, Sirene, claiming that the trollocs would get away before the town guards could reach the White Stag. Master Ferrin even goes as far to offer 30 silver marks for Sirene to be brought back safely. After Syrio agrees to help find the girl, out of the crowd stumbles a drunkard in full scale armor. The drunk proclaims himself to be a mighty warrior named Alfred de Groot, and declares to help Syrio find and fight these ungodly monsters. Reluctantly, Morigan and Talia agree to assist in Sirene’s rescue.
A murmur of disgust ripples through the crowd, when a stooped, filthy beggar makes his way toward the party. Annoyed, Master Ferrin tells the group that this particular beggar has been hanging around the Golden Stag for the past two days, and Master Ferrin tells the beggar to go away. The beggar refuses, saying that he saw where the trollocs ran off to and that he can lead them there. Syrio agrees to pay to follow the beggar; however the beggar refuses his coin, saying that he has something else in mind he’d like as payment later.
The beggar leads them out of town and into a field ending in a copse of trees. He tells the party that the trollocs are hiding and the copse, and then quickly runs away. The party tries to sneak up on the area by hiding along a hedge, but the trollocs hear them nonetheless, and fighting ensues. The trollocs charge and the first is taken down by Alfred’s sword. Syrio, still recovering from the previous fight, is hit by the other trolloc and he is knocked unconscious. Talia works up the courage to attack the trolloc with her dagger, distracting it long enough for Alfred to get a good enough strike to bring it down. Morigan heals Syrio, and they find Sirene tied up in a sack. Claiming victory, the group heads back to the Golden Stag.
When the group arrives back at the Golden Stag, there is much celebration for the valiant heroes. After paying each member their share of the 30 silver marks, Master Ferrin promises that their room and board is free for the rest of their stay. He even goes so far to give everyone in the Stag a free drink. Amid the celebration, a member of the Queen’s Guard, named Lieutenant Martyn, approaches the heroes and asks them about the indecent with the trollocs. After they tell him, he informs his men and they go to clean up the mess and burn the bodies. With the guardsmen gone, the filthy beggar returns, stating that he would like Talia’s earring as his payment. Talia refuses, much to the beggar’s dismay. Instead, Master Ferrin gives the beggar some coin and blankets before the beggar leaves. The celebration continues well into the night.
Chapter 3: The False Dragon
With all the partying from the night before, the next morning was a slow one for our heroes, but eventually, they gathered and set out to see the False Dragon Logain enter Caemlyn. The party headed for a small square where they could get a good view when Logain passed. Shortly after the party arrived, they notice a disturbance in the crowd nearby. Four armed men in cloaks of white were harassing a middle-aged man. Curious, the party headed toward them.
Morigan convinces their leader, Under Lieutenant Arlvin, to turn the man over to the party so that the White Cloaks can go and search for Dark Friends that may be lurking. Once the White Cloaks are gone, the man says his name is Elin, and that they were harassing him because of his foreign accent. The party accepts him as being no immediate threat, and continued to watch as the parade began.
Ranks upon ranks of armed guards came marching through the center of town. Followed by them, were an intimidating number of Aes Sedai, wearing a variety of different colored shawls, surrounding a caged wagon containing the False Dragon. Logain carried himself as if he were being honored instead of imprisoned, and gave a direct glance at the party as the procession passed by.
As the party headed back to the Golden Stag, they were met partway by the filthy beggar. He said that Lieutenant Martyn sent him to find them and bring them to him. The group senses that it is some sort of trap, but decides to follow anyway. The beggar takes them farther into the city, to a building with what appear to be guardsmen inside. Elin, Talia, Alfred, and Syrio walk inside where the door is immediately locked behind them. Morigan, who stayed outside as a precaution, is severely stabbed by the beggar as he runs away.
The party defeats the fake guardsmen, and Syrio runs for help while Alfred tries to stop Morigan’s bleeding. Syrio ends up running into the real Lieutenant Martyn, who was able to successfully patch up Morigan. Lieutenant Martyn promised to find them answers, and the party returned to the Golden Stag.
Upon returning, they found Master Ferrin outside his inn, saying the Sister B’elanna had returned and that she wanted to talk to them. Inside she scolded the entire party and somehow enlisted them to start a journey to the White Tower to return Morigan, because she was too busy with her business in Caemlyn. She finished healing Morigan and left.
Later that evening, Talia went into the library and met a grey-robed man. She questions him, but he never seems to give any definite answers. Finally, he decides he will take a book with him and leaves Talia with ten gold crowns in return. She tells Master Ferrin of her strange encounter and he lets her keep one of the gold crowns.
Chapter 4: Shadows in the Darkness
Everyone was sound asleep for the night in the inn, but then Talia feels something brush by her ear. It was the Filthy Beggar! Talia wakes up screaming, "Thefilthy beggar stole her earring!" Talia chases him out her bedroom door, still screaming, but the beggar is too fast. Everyone else wakes up except Elin, who sleeps like a rock. The party chases the Filthy beggar out the door and into the street, though it being so early in the morning nobody is out. As the beggar runs down the street someone steps out of the stables to tries and to stop him. The light shows that it is Bennet the stable master, as he exchanges blows with the filthy beggar. Bennet is badly injured but the beggar is as well, causing him to leave a decent trail of blood. Morigan follows the beggar while the rest of the party grabs their mounts. Alfred woke Elin up and carried him out to his horse. Morigan follows the beggar into the main city of Caemlyn and to a abandon cellar. There, she waits for the rest of the party.
Syrio, Talia, Elin, and Alfred catch up to Morigan’s location by following the blood, but as soon as the reach her Whitecloaks appear, led by Under lieutenant Arlvin. The Whitecloaks yell at the party as they run down into the cellar, bolting the door. The cellar is dark and dank, and it looks as though it hasn’t been used in a while. There is a mysterious door on one wall that looks as though it was carved. The door is open and only darkness can be seen in it. The party decides to go through the mysterious door instead of trying to fight their way out through the Whitecloaks.
The darkness is like ice as they step through the door. They see darkness everywhere, with only stone paths going around the place. Morigan theorizes they are in the Ways. They follow the trail of blood left by the Filthy beggar, and tt leads to a stone platform where the beggar stands on a pile of junk. He is no longer in rags, but in an old and worn style of finery, standing tall and proud. He is flanked on either side by trollocs, which Hhe commands to attack the party. The trollocs obey.
Fighting ensues. Unfortunately, Alfred fell and hurt his ankle on the way in, so he is unable to fight. Morigan cast weaves of grenad, and healing. It is revealed that Elin is a male channeler as he weaves fireball. The party defeats the two trollocs then go after the beggar. The beggar has Talia’s earring in a box she tries to grab it but he resists,leaving them both with one side of the box. As the beggar gets surrounded he lets go of the box, screams at the party then dives off the edge of the platform into the darkness. He is seen on a stone path far below running off. The party takes a sigh of relief as they are exhausted, but then they hear footsteps.
A mysterious woman approaches them, claiming to be a friend. She tells the party that her name is Lydia, and that she was sent by their mutual “friend” Kas. She says that she can lead the party out of the Ways to a safe destination. The party grudgingly agrees, though they are wary of her presence. It takes a day to reach a door, to which Lydia motions for them to exit. Outside they find it is snowing and cold, and immediately the door shuts behind them.
After walking for a bit, Elin guesses they are in the borderlands somewhere. They finally find a small village. It is here that they learn they are in the country of Arafel, and the village of Jokoma. It has only one inn, called Barrel Haven, and is also serves as a trading post and pub. When they enter the inn they notice an unusual light source in the middle of the common area. It appears to be a large cylinder made out of glass, with an eerie light emanating from within it. As they ente,r Elin lets out a moan and clutches his head and the light grows brighter for a bit. They rent rooms for the night, and Elin goes out into the bath house,where he finds Kas. Kas tells him some disturbing stuff, after which tells Elin that they must take that strange cylinder.
Chapter 5: Secrets of Jokoma
The party is mulling about the inn for the night, while Elin is still in the bath house. Syrio notices two men looking at a map and inquires about what they are doing. They inform him that one of their fellow huntsmen has gone missing, and they are trying to track him down. They then shun away from Syrio for being a foreigner. He decides to go to the bar and drink.
Morigan buys some warm clothes for the party from the innkeeper while Talia and Alfred go outside to explore the village for a bit. They discover that the village isn’t all that interesting, except for an odd obelisk in the center of town. It seems to be made of some sort of black glass, unmarred and untouched by anything. Even the snow fall slides right off of it. Talia walks down the southern road for a bit and finds a sign saying that a town called Jakanda is 30 miles south. As she returns to town she notices that Alfred is stroking the obelisk in an odd manner that appears to bother some of the villagers. She gets him to stop while Morigan appears and examines the obelisk as well. She decides that it has definitely something to do with the one power, and then loses interest.
Everyone heads back to the inn and starts to get ready for the night. They notice a woman wearing brown exiting, and Morigan can sense the one power in her,so she must be an Aes Sedai! Morigan hides until the woman is gone. Talia walks out to the bath house to take a bath and finds Elin in there still soaking and snoring loudly. He looks like a giant pink raisin. She covers his face with a towel and soaks for a bit. As she begins to leave she decides to take Elin with her without waking him. She wraps him up in towels and drags him outside, while near the woods she hears shuffling but thinks nothing of it. When she gets Elin into the Inn, the wall explodes with a ball of fire.
Three trollocs walk into the common room through the blast out wall, and they are followed by a man wearing a red cloth head wrap and a red veil. When the man screeched at Talia and pointed, the trollocs advanced. Morigan, Alfred, and Syrio came down the stairs after hearing the explosion. The battle has begun.
Right off the bat the veiled man takes his veil off and reveals his pointed teeth and makes fireballs appear around Morigan and Alfred, revealing that he is a male channeler. Morigan tries to fight bake but the man had shielded her. Alfred and Syrio fights the Trollocs, while Talia tries to run out the front of the inn for help. She screams when she sees the village on fire with trollocs and more veiled men slaughtering the townsfolk. She also sees that the obelisk has risen out of the ground and revealed a hidden passage.
Back in the inn the veiled man uses the power to drag the unconscious Elin outside, but just in time the Aes Sedai from earlier appears. Expertly wielding the one power, she tears apart two Trollocs trying to enter the inn and injures the male channeler trying to kidnap Elin, causing him to drop Elin. She then heals the party as the male channelers and the trollocs retreat into the secret passage. She addresses the party and says, “My name is Felicity, of the Brown Ajah. What are you doing here?”
Chapter 6: The Stone Man of Jokoma
After being saved by Aes Sedai Felicity, Alfred runs off and starts setting the remaining buildings on fire. Elin wakes up, stark naked except for the towels that Talia had wrapped him in. Morigan cuts Elin’s arms out and finds him some clothes and shoes from the rumble. Finally fully clothed, Elin digs and finds the cylinder of light that made him feel weak earlier. The moment Elin sets his hand on the object, he passes out. Felicity returns, curious of what happened to Elin. She picks up the cylinder and casts a weave to prevent it from knocking Elin out again. Elin comes to and Felicity hands the cylinder over to him. She tells the party that she’ll be at her camp if they needed anything.
Elin approached the obelisk and tried using combinations of different weaves until it rose out of the ground, leaving a three feet gap beneath it. Because the earth was so frozen, Alfred and Morigan bring over wood from the collapsed inn and light a large bon fire. Meanwhile, Talia and Syrio find a decent building and sleep. After a time, Morigan has had enough and crawls beneath the obelisk. She drops ten feet and finds herself in a hallway made of the same smooth, black stone as the giant obelisk. Elin decides to follow, and anchors a rope. He, along with Talia and Syrio, make it through, although Alfred’s armor is too bulky and leaves him stuck in the entrance.
The group walks down the corridor for an hour or so until they come across a doorway similar to the one that led them to Jokoma. Weary, our travelers pass through and find a type of workshop with another veiled man and two more trollocs. Syrio runs and stabs a trollac while the man hurls a fireball in between Elin and Morigan. The man then shields Elin from using the power, though Elin pays no mind and attacks the other trolloc. Inspired by Elin, Talia summons her courage and joins the fight as well. Morigan uses weaves to throw tables and heal her allies. At last, the veiled man is so furious that he creates a giant fireball that harms Talia and Elin, but ultimately burns him to a crisp.
After the battle, the group notices that there are many strange symbols on the walls and more doorways. At the end of one, they can her singing that sounds familiar to Morigan. Elin uses the Power to open the door and they find Felicity in the cavern beyond. Felicity is cleaning what appears to be a giant statue of a man, except there is a hole in his chest. Elin inserts the cylinder and both of the stone man’s giant fists come crashing down on either side of Elin.
Chapter 7: Fire, Stone, and Shadow
As the giant stone man’s fists come crashing down on either side of him, Elin does what any true warrior would do: he faints. With that, the stone man’s anger dissipates and he tells the party that his name is Onix and that he served Lews Therin Telamon. He investigates a couple of different doors and says that the trollocs are planning to use these doors as a passageway to sneak attack a human army from behind. Onix goes through the door where the trollocs are waiting in order to stop them, while they party decides that they must try to stop this sneak attack as well. Felicity puts up an air shield in front of the door and tells the party to go and warn the human army.
After passing through the door that leads to the army, they find themselves on a mountain overlooking an enormous battle between humans and trollocs. Morigan has the idea that if she and Talia switch clothes, the humans will trust Talia and believe that the trollocs are trying to surround them and Morigan can stay and heal Alfred and Syrio while setting trees on fire as a signal. Talia runs toward the army and Alfred hides the unconscious Elin in some bushes, right before the trollocs start coming at them.
Syrio and Alfred fight the trollocs and manage to kill two or three, but Syrio is critically wounded. Talia reaches the edge of a cliff and realizes that she wouldn’t be able to reach the army in time. She comes back and helps Morigan by spreading the forest fire. Morigan tries to heal Syrio, but it does not help him much. Out of the door came more trollocs and a bloodied Felicity who heals Syrio and warns them it’s only going to get worse before returning to the other side of the door. Not long after, a dark hooded figure comes out of the door with trollocs flanking him on either side. The party decides to make a run for it downhill, but before they can make it very far, Talia spots another dark figure on a black horse, riding uphill towards them.
Chapter 8: Tarwin's Gap
Where we left off our party was surrounded with a myrddraal accompanied by three trollocs on either side. Elin finally wakes up and immediately starts attacking a nearby trolloc. Alfred and Syrio decide to stand their ground and fight as well. Meanwhile, downhill, Morigan and Talia are attacked by the other myrddraal and his trolloc minions. To make matters worse, two veiled men began chasing Elin to the edge of the cliff and trying to shield him from the One Power.
From the gap, the clamor of battle rises to meet the thunder of the storming clouds above. The trolloc brutes charge, the Fades swing their swords, and those red-veiled men channel their weaves, this looks like our heroes’ end; their shields splintered, their blades sundered, and their minds and bodies exhausted. Elin peers toward the gap and sees the armies of man and beast pull back from one another.
The army of men retreats, regrouping under their banner: a swooping black hawk. The trollocs reform under their various banners, a blood red trident, an iron fist and a horned skull, all symbols of terror and shadow. The army of men was failing, wounded men waver in their saddles, archers scrounge for more arrows, and rider-less horses rear and gallop away. It was obvious that they could not stand another meeting against the forces of the Dark One. Yet the men stand, and do not leave. They form ranks and prepare for the charge.
The trollocs give guttural roars as they begin their charge towards the men. Fades rush alongside them, and bat-like creatures screech above them all – heading towards the army of men. A yelled command rises from the men as the archers loose a hail of arrows towards the oncoming trolloc hoards. Many trollocs fall, but not enough. The men abroad horses gallop to meet the oncoming army head on, being only a fraction of the size of the trolloc force. They are doomed, they will fall, and darkness will inherit the land.
Suddenly, light bursts from parting clouds, revealing a figure standing in the center of the battlefield facing towards the trolloc army. He raises his hands as fire erupts from the ground beneath the trollocs, forming great walls of fire, and burning trollocs alive. The stench of searing trolloc flesh fills the air as the clouds thunder louder than before and lighting strikes down upon the bat-like creatures and fades alike. Mesmerized by the scene, our heroes hear a loud boom – lightning strikes the peaks of the mountain. Rocks begin to fall upon them and shadow spawn alike. They can feel the mountain shake and crumble around them.
Boulders begin crashing down, luckily killing a few trollocs and a veiled man. Morigan and Talia run away and Elin follows them. Alfred is knocked unconscious, just as a landslide begins down the mountain. He is engulfed and buried alive. Syrio, on the other hand, makes it much farther towards the group before being struck down and rendered unconscious. The landslide starts to bury him, but, thankfully, once Elin kills the last myrddraal, the landslide stops and all of the trollocs die as well. The party was able to dig, and rescue Syrio, however, Alfred was presumed dead.
Interlude 1: Fog on the Arith
Captain Tarrock peered through his bronze spyglass and out into the open ocean. Seven spans away from his ship, The Glory, lies a thick curtain of fog, stretching to either side as far as the eye can see. Tarrock has been trying to out run the haze for over three days, but no matter how hard he tries the mist gains on him. With a look of frustration and befuddlement, he hands the spyglass back over to the look out. In all his years, he has never encountered anything quite like this before.
As he climbs down the main mast, his crew looks up at him expectantly. The persistence of the mysterious mist made even their hardiest sailors weary. Some were even beginning to say it was the work of the Dark One himself. Sensing the unease of his crew, Captain Tarrock orders them to resume their work. His boots pounded across the deck, the same steady sound of his past twenty years. He decided to have his damane check, yet again, for any nearby marath’damane using the One Power. Thus far, that was his only logical explanation for the unnatural mist that had been following them.
Tarrock descends into the sul’dam’s quarters and approaches a middle-aged woman writing at an old oak desk. Putting down her pen, she stands to address the captain and glint of light reflects off her silver bracelet and chain. The movement stirs a young girl dressed in rags, who stands and bows before the captain, the silver chain dangling from her neck.

“Have her check again for any marath’damane manipulating the weather.”

The older woman’s brow furrowed.

“But she’s already checked a dozen times since the fog appeared.”

Tarrock slams his fist on the table.

“I don’t care. There has to be someone behind this!”

The older woman looked down at the girl, giving a slight nod of her head. The girl closed her eyes and lifted her head upwards, a slight glow surrounding her. The glow fades as the girl opens her eyes and lowers her head.

“….nothing’s there.”

Captain Tarrock storms out of the room and proceeds to his own quarters. Sinking into his chair, he cups his head into his hands. Something, or someone, was behind the mist, he could feel it. But just how were they doing it? His crew, no his Empress, was counting on him and he couldn’t afford to let her down. The pressure was overwhelming. He pulls out a folded letter from his desk drawer and rereads it.

Captain Tarrock Egathor,

There has been a series of mysterious disappearances in the northern part of the Arith Ocean, some of our reconnaissance vessels, including a ship captained by Egeanin Tamarat. I task you with investigating the cause of these disappearances as well as recovering what you can of the missing ships and crew.

-High Lord Turak of House Aladon

As he sets the letter back down, the clang of the emergency bell passes through the ship. Rushing outside, he sees his men scurrying and shouting from all directions. The mist had finally caught up with The Glory and surrounded it on all sides. On closer inspection of the fading mist, Tarrock discovered what was causing his seasoned crew to throw up such a panic. Dozens of ships in all sizes were beginning to materialize in the fog. Closest to The Glory was a particularly massive galleon with The Lost Girl painted on its side. On the ship’s prow stands a sizable man wearing only torn breaches with a menagerie of scars and tattoos decorating his cacao-toned flesh. His right hand grips a large three-pronged spear above his head. As if on his command, a bolt of lightning crashes from the sky, and ignites the deck of Tarrock’s ship.
Interlude 2: Snert and Kray

Snert hated digging

Snert didn’t want to be here. He wanted to go attack another village

Snert liked attacking villages. That was how he and his fist got food this close to the

He particularly liked the little foods the best

They didn’t run away from Snert as fast, and they had the most flavor.

The older foods fought back sometimes.

Some of them clad themselves in iron.

So Snert goes after the small ones.

Snert hates digging.

The mean-one is making Snert’s fist dig.

Mean ones get flowing black cloaks.

Snert wants a flowing black cloak, but it’s forbidden to kill a mean one, not like Snert could.

Snert’s fist mate was nearby

Snert knew him as Kray

Kray can’t talk.

Snert can.

Snert wants to leave.

Snert notices the mean one looking the other way.

Snert sneaks away with Kray.

Snert and Kray hear rumbling.

They see their other fist mates uncover something.

They can’t see now.

Stupid dust. Where did that come from?

Snert and Kray hear a mean one screech and see a fist mate fly through the air.

Snert is jealous.

Snert wants to fly.

Snert sees the dust clears.

Snert sees a big foods come out of a hole they had dug.

Fist mates run from it.

It has its hands around the mean ones neck.

Mean one is dead.

Food killed mean one?

Snert sees that it’s not foods.

It’s rock, in the shape of foods.

The stone foods was carrying something.

It was foods!!!!

Brown foods!!!!

Snert looked at Kray.

Kray was slobbering.

They ran out towards the foods.

Snert could already taste the nice bloody, meaty foods.

The stone foods stood up.

Stone foods was big.

Snert got scared.

Snert heard a squish.

Where did Kray go?

The sun was blocked out.

The stone foods’ fist was big….


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