“Go north. Far north. No, a little farther. Wait, not that far!”

Wheel of time

At the northernmost edge of Arafel, where the Mountains of Dhoom command the skyscape, is where you will find the village of Jokoma. Less a village and more of a “gathering place,” Jokoma holds perhaps ten buildings at the most, including a single trading post and a bar. Few people actually live within Jokoma itself; most reside outside of it in their own homes, and much of the town is used as a way-station for the Blight Scouts traveling north to the Blight.

Black obelisk

However, the crown jewel of Jokoma is its bath house. The bath house contains large steam baths, enough to hold an entire traveling party of people, which are heated by some unknown, mysterious source. (It changes depending on whom you ask.) The warmth of these baths are certain to cut right through the bitter nights of the far north.
For the bookish types, Jokoma holds one very special artifact. In the center of town is a large black obelisk, jutting out of the earth like any number of phallic jokes you could possibly come up with. Some have speculated the object to be from the Age of Legends, but little research has been done into the obelisk, presumably because no one in their right mind would stay so close to the Blight for so long.

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