The Wheel of Time

Chapter 13: Oaths and Towers

The party woke up the next their camp as it was the previous day no signs showing that they’re adventures into dreamworld had happened. They decide to break camp and get ready to go out into the world and once again travel to Jokoma. After a while Tzofiya finds tracks in the snow ,Trolloc tracks. Further on she sees ahead smoke from my what can only be a camp fire. The party decides to investigate.
Following the smoke, they find a campsite. There are two tents a few sacs of supplies, and a large banner in the middle of camp. The banner has a great silver owl in the center of a yellow field. None of the party is able to identify the emblem. AS they explore further into the camp, Trollocs charge in and attack the party, they are being urged of by a Fade. It was an ambush!
The fight does not look good for the party, they are out numbered and tired. Then they hear a loud shout of “FOR SHINOWA!!!” and three Shienarans come out of the woods and attack the Trollocs and Fade. In moments after they join the fray the Fade and Trollocs are vanquished and the battle is won. The Shienarans introduce themselves as Lord Igntar Shinow, Masema, and Ragan. This was their camp, they had left it open to attract the Trollocs and Fade. The plan would have worked better without the parties involvement, but the Shienarans were willing to overlook this.
They Shienarans share their camp with the party, and stick around to make sure they heal up alright. They do ask a favor of the party though. They had apparently days earlier before finding the trollocs directed some tinkers to make camp and take shelter near an old watchtower at the Shienar and Arafel Border. The Shienarans are now worried about them, but they need to return to Fal Dara. The party agrees to look into the Tinkers.
When they reach the said tower, they are horrified by what they find. Bodies torn open and strewn everywhere. A few even hanging out of trees. The wagons burned and torn open, the Tinkers dogs, fierce beasts, were slaughtered like lambs. It was a terrible sight to behold. The party spent majority of the day burying the dead, and searching the tower for what could have done this. they only found rats and crows, feasting on the dead.
They return to their journey towards Jokoma once again as the Sun starts to set. Soon after it goes dark they make camp and decide on watches. Syrio goes first, after he is done it is Tzofiya’s turn. She keeps an eye on camp not knowing she herself is being watched. soon after a bit she hears a beautiful melody, and she becomes drawn to the source of it. she finds herself walking towards the source. In the woods there is a figure, she can’t bring herself to stop walking towards it…..



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