The Wheel of Time

Chapter 7: Fire, Stone, and Shadow

As the giant stone man’s fists come crashing down on either side of him, Elin does what any true warrior would do: he faints. With that, the stone man’s anger dissipates and he tells the party that his name is Onix and that he served Lews Therin Telamon. He investigates a couple of different doors and says that the trollocs are planning to use these doors as a passageway to sneak attack a human army from behind. Onix goes through the door where the trollocs are waiting in order to stop them, while they party decides that they must try to stop this sneak attack as well. Felicity puts up an air shield in front of the door and tells the party to go and warn the human army.
After passing through the door that leads to the army, they find themselves on a mountain overlooking an enormous battle between humans and trollocs. Morigan has the idea that if she and Talia switch clothes, the humans will trust Talia and believe that the trollocs are trying to surround them and Morigan can stay and heal Alfred and Syrio while setting trees on fire as a signal. Talia runs toward the army and Alfred hides the unconscious Elin in some bushes, right before the trollocs start coming at them.
Syrio and Alfred fight the trollocs and manage to kill two or three, but Syrio is critically wounded. Talia reaches the edge of a cliff and realizes that she wouldn’t be able to reach the army in time. She comes back and helps Morigan by spreading the forest fire. Morigan tries to heal Syrio, but it does not help him much. Out of the door came more trollocs and a bloodied Felicity who heals Syrio and warns them it’s only going to get worse before returning to the other side of the door. Not long after, a dark hooded figure comes out of the door with trollocs flanking him on either side. The party decides to make a run for it downhill, but before they can make it very far, Talia spots another dark figure on a black horse, riding uphill towards them.



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