Channeling Feats


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Wheel of time

Mastery of the One Power can only go so far with the abilities granted by one’s character class. To truly grasp the depths of saidin or saidar, one must invest in channeling feats, all of which require at least some facility with Channeling to select.

Channeling Feats Prerequisite Benefit
Close Call Reroll Overchannel Fort save if the result is stilling
Combat Channeling +4 to concentration checks
Uncanny Concentration Combat Channeling Don’t make concentration checks for violent movement
Craft Ter’angreal 12th-level Initiate or Wilder Able to craft ter’angreal
Eliminate Block Block class ability Remove block
Extra Affinity One additional affinity
Extra Talent One additional talent
Multiweave Wis13 Cast one additional weave at a time
Power-Heightened Senses +4 to Perception while embracing the One Power
Read Ter’angreal Wis 13 Determine the function of a ter’angreal
Sense Residue Sense lingering residues and inverted weaves
Tie Off Weave Wis 13 Leave weave functioning
Weave Focus Increase proficiency with a particular weave
Greater Weave Focus Int 13, Weave Focus Further increase proficiency with a particular weave
Talent Focus Int 15, Greater Weave Focus Increase proficiency with all weaves in a particular Talent
Weave Mastery Int 15, Greater Weave Focus Perfect a single weave


Channeling Feats

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