Combat Feats


“I’m a gambler, a farmboy, and I’m here to take command of your bloody army!”

Wheel of time

These feats govern combat, taking a good warrior and making them great or taking a great warrior and making them the stuff of legends. They can increase a character’s proficiency with weapons, enhance their defense, or allow them to use special techniques against foes.

Combat Feats Prerequisite Benefit
Agile Maneuvers Use your Dex bonus when calculating your CMB
Armor Focus Armor Compatibility class feature, Armor Proficiency +1 armor bonus with one type of armor
Improved Armor Focus BAB +4, Armor Focus Additional +1 armor bonus with one type of armor
Armor Mastery BAB +8, Improved Armor Focus Once per day, cause melee attack to automatically miss
Armor Proficiency (Light) Wear light armor without penalties
Armor Proficiency (Medium) Armor Proficiency (Light) Wear medium armor without penalties
Armor Proficiency (Heavy) Armor Proficiency (Medium) Wear heavy armor without penalties
Blind-Fight Reroll miss chances for concealment
Improved Blind-Fight Perception 10 ranks, Blind-Fight Ignore miss chances for less than total concealment
Greater Blind-Fight Perception 15 ranks, Improved Blind-Fight Total concealment considered normal concealment
Cartwheel Dodge Improved Evasion class feature, Acrobatics 12 ranks With a successful evasion you may move half your speed
Catch Off-Guard No penalties for improvised melee weapons
Improvised Weapon Mastery BAB +8, Catch Off-Guard or Throw Anything Make an improvised weapon deadly
Combat Expertise Int 13 Trade attack bonus for AC bonus
Gang Up Combat Expertise Flank an opponent if at least two allies are adjacent to it
Team Up BAB +6, Gang Up Aid another as a move action with two adjacent allies
Improved Dirty Trick Combat Expertise +2 bonus on dirty trick attempts, no attack of opportunity
Greater Dirty Trick BAB +6, Improved Dirty Trick Dirty trick penalty lasts 1d4 rounds
Improved Disarm Combat Expertise +2 bonus on disarm attempts, no attack of opportunity
Disarming Strike BAB +9, Improved Disarm Attempt a disarm on a successful critical hit
Greater Disarm BAB +6, Improved Disarm Disarmed weapons are knock away from your enemy
Improved Feint Combat Expertise Feint as a move action
Deceptive Exchange Improved Feint Upon successful feint, you may force opponent to accept an object
Greater Feint BAB +6, Improved Feint Enemies you feint lose their Dex bonus for 1 round
Improved Reposition Combat Expertise +2 bonus on reposition attempts, no attack of opportunity
Greater Reposition BAB +6, Improved Reposition Enemies you reposition provoke attacks of opportunity
Repositioning Strike BAB +9, Improved Reposition Attempt a reposition attack on a successful critical hit
Improved Steal Combat Expertise +2 bonus on steal attempts, no attack of opportunity
Greater Steal BAB +6, Improved Steal Enemies don’t notice theft until after combat
Improved Trip Combat Expertise +2 bonus on trip attempts, no attack of opportunity
Greater Trip BAB +6, Improved Trip Enemies you trip provoke attacks of opportunity
Tripping Staff BAB +6, Improved Trip, Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff) Treat a quarterstaff as if it had the trip weapon special feature
Tripping Twirl BAB +12, Tripping Staff, Weapon Specialization (Quarterstaff) Use a quarterstaff to make a trip attempt against all adjacent enemies
Tripping Strike BAB +9, Improved Trip Attempt a trip attack on a successful critical hit
Second Chance BAB +6, Combat Expertise Exchange latter attacks to reroll missed first attack
Improved Second Chance BAB +11, Second Chance Take a -5 penalty on later attacks to reroll missed attack
Swift Aid BAB +6, Combat Expertise Attempt to aid another as a swift action
Whirlwind Attack Dex 13, BAB +4, Combat Expertise, Spring Attack Make one melee attack against all foes within reach
Combat Reflexes Make additional attacks of opportunity
Bodyguard Combat Reflexes Use attack of opportunity to add a bonus to adjacent ally’s AC
In Harm’s Way Bodyguard Take the damage of a successful attack upon an adjacent ally
Combat Patrol BAB +5, Combat Reflexes, Mobility Increase threatened area for attack of opportunity
Stand Still Combat Reflexes Stop enemies from moving past you
Deadly Aim Dex 13, BAB +1 Trade ranged attack bonus for damage
Defensive Combat Training Use your total Hit Dice as your base attack bonus for CMD
Disruptive BAB +6 Increases the DC to form weaves adjacent to you
Weavebreaker BAB +10, Disruptive Enemies provoke attacks if their weaves fail
Dodge Dex 13 +1 dodge bonus to AC
Mobility Dodge +4 AC against attacks of opportunity
Sidestep Dex 13, Mobility Make 5-foot step immediately after an opponent misses
Improved Sidestep Dex 15, Sidestep Sidestep without using your 5-foot step on your next turn
Spring Attack BAB +4, Mobility Move before and after making an attack
Wind Stance Dex 15, BAB +6, Dodge Gain 20% concealment if you move
Lightning Stance Dex 17, BAB +11, Wind Stance Gain 50% concealment if you move
Exotic Weapon Proficiency BAB +1 or higher No penalty on attacks made with one exotic weapon
Focus Defense Hunter’s Focus class feature Bonus to CMD and AC when attacked by target of your Hunter’s Focus
Improved Critical Proficient with weapon, BAB +8 Double the threat range of one weapon
Improved Initiative +4 bonus on initiative checks
Improved Unarmed Strike Always considered armed
Improved Grapple Dex 13, Improved Unarmed Strike +2 bonus on grapple attempts, no attack of opportunity
Greater Grapple BAB +6, Improved Grapple Maintain your grapple as a move action
Knockout Artist Sneak Attack class feature, Improved Unarmed Strike Gain +1 damage per Sneak Attack die when dealing nonlethal Sneak Attack damage
Perfect Strike Dex 13, Wis 13, BAB +8, Improved Unarmed Strike Roll twice for unarmed strikes and take the better roll
Punishing Kick Str 13, Wis 13, BAB +8, Improved Unarmed Strike Knock down or push back foes with unarmed strikes
Lunge BAB +6 Take a -2 penalty to your AC to attack with reach
Martial Weapon Proficiency No penalty on attacks made with one martial weapon
Mounted Combat Ride 1 rank Avoid attacks on mount with Ride check
Indomitable Mount Handle Animal 5 ranks, Ride 5 ranks, Mounted Combat Once per round, you can substitute your Ride check for your mount’s saving throw
Mounted Archery Mounted Combat Halve the penalty for ranged attacks while mounted
Mounted Shield Mounted Combat, Shield Focus Apply shield bonus to mount’s AC
Ride-By Attack Mounted Combat Move before and after a charge attack while mounted
Spirited Charge Ride-By Attack Double damage on a mounted charge
Trample Mounted Combat Overrun targets while mounted
Trick Riding Mounted Combat Automatically pass simple Ride skill checks
Mounted Skirmisher Ride 9 ranks, Mounted Combat Make a full attack if mount moves its speed or less
Toughness +3 hit points, +1 per Hit Die beyond 3
Improved Toughness Toughness Additional +1 hit point per Hit Die
Tougher than Tree Roots Improved Toughness, Endurance +6 hit points
Tough as Nails Fort +6, Tougher than Tree Roots +10 hit points
Scion of the Stone Fort +10, Diehard, Tough as Nails +14 hit points
Ironhide Great Fortitude, Toughness +1 Natural Armor bonus
Steelskinned Improved Toughness, Ironhide Additional +1 Natural Armor bonus
Cuendillar Body Steelskinned, Improved Great Fortitude Gain DR 1/—, to a maximum of DR 5/—
Two-Weapon Fighting Dex 15 Reduce two-weapon fighting penalties
Double Slice Two-Weapon Fighting Add your Str bonus to off-hand damage rolls
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Dex 17, BAB +6, Two-Weapon Fighting Gain additional off-hand attack
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting Dex 19, BAB +11, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Gain a third off-hand attack
Two-Weapon Rend BAB +11, Double Slice, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Rend a foe hit by both your weapons
Two-Weapon Defense Two-Weapon Fighting Gain a +1 shield bonus when fighting with two weapons
Improved Two-Weapon Defense Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Defense Gain an additional +1 shield bonus when fighting with two weapons
Vital Strike BAB +6 Deal twice the normal damage on a single attack
Improved Vital Strike BAB +11, Vital Strike Deal three times the normal damage on a single attack
Greater Vital Strike BAB +16, Improved Vital Strike Deal four times the normal damage on a single attack
Weapon Finesse Proficient with weapon, BAB +1 Use Dex instead of Str on attack rolls with light weapons
Weapon Focus Proficient with weapon, BAB +1 +1 bonus on attack rolls with one weapon
Greater Weapon Focus Armsman level 8th, Weapon Focus Additional +1 bonus on attack rolls with one weapon
Penetrating Strike Armsman level 12th, Weapon Focus Your attacks ignore 5 points of damage reduction
Greater Penetrating Strike Armsman level 16th, Penetrating Strike Your attacks ignore 10 points of damage reduction
Weapon Specialization Armsman level 4th or commander or woodsman level 6th, Weapon Focus +2 bonus on damage rolls with one weapon
Greater Weapon Specialization 12th-level Armsman, Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization Additional +2 bonus on damage rolls with one weapon
Weapon Supremacy 18th-level Armsman, Greater Weapon Specialization, Weapon Expertise Numerous benefits with one type of weapon
Weapon Expertise 10th-level Armsman, Weapon Specialization +1 to hit and damage with one group of melee weapons
Point-Blank Master Weapon Specialization Do not provoke attacks of opportunity while firing one ranged weapon


Combat Feats

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