Dust Storm


“The One Power comes from the True Source, the driving force of creation, the force the Creator made to turn the Wheel of Time. Saidin, the male half of the True Source, and saidar, the female half, work against each other, and at the same time together to provide that force. Saidin is fouled by the touch of the Dark One, like water with a thin slick of rancid oil floating on top. The water is still pure, but it cannot be touched without touching the foulness. Only saidar is still safe to be used…
The True Source cannot be used up, any more than the river can be used up by the wheel of the mill. The Source is the river; the Aes Sedai, the waterwheel.”

Wheel of time

Dust Storm
Air, Earth (Common)
Level: 2-5
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft. / level)
Area: See Text
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Weave Resistance: No

With a moment of concentration and a brief gesture the channeler is able to lay a fine web of Earth and Air just under the topsoil in an area and churn it into a cloud of fine grained dust. The cloud obscures all sight beyond 5 ft. A creature within 5 ft. has one-half concealment (all attacks suffer a 20% miss chance). Creatures further away have total concealment (gaining a 50% miss chance vs. attacks) and the attacker cannot use sight to locate target. A mild breeze (equivalent to a level 3 Harness the Wind weave) will cause the Dust Storm to dissipate in half of its normal duration, anything greater will dispel the effect in 1 round.
Furthermore the choking dust affects breathing as smoke would (creatures within the area of effect must succeed at a Fortitude save against a DC of 15 + 1 per previous check or spend that round choking and coughing). A character who chokes for two consecutive rounds takes 1d6 points of subdual damage.
This weave can be reversed to allow the channeler to automatically settle to the ground any fine particle material (dust, flour, etc) within the area of effect.

Casting Level Area of Effect Duration before cloud settles
2 75 ft. radius circle 2 rounds
3 150 ft. radius circle 5 rounds
4 300 ft. radius circle 1 minute
5 600 ft. radius circle 2 minutes
+2 Casting Levels: The duration of the weave can be increased to concentration, causing dust to be continuously introduced into the area of effect. Outside of the area of effect, dust will drift normally settling as noted in for its duration.


Dust Storm

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