Spinning Earthfire


“The One Power comes from the True Source, the driving force of creation, the force the Creator made to turn the Wheel of Time. Saidin, the male half of the True Source, and saidar, the female half, work against each other, and at the same time together to provide that force. Saidin is fouled by the touch of the Dark One, like water with a thin slick of rancid oil floating on top. The water is still pure, but it cannot be touched without touching the foulness. Only saidar is still safe to be used…
The True Source cannot be used up, any more than the river can be used up by the wheel of the mill. The Source is the river; the Aes Sedai, the waterwheel.”

Wheel of time

Spinning Earthfire
Earth, Fire (Lost)
Level: 9-12
Casting Time: 1 full round
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft. / level)
Area: See text.
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Weave Resistance: No

For those who know to listen, the land has a rhythm; the slow grinding of the mountains, the pulse of fire far beneath the cities, the music of the ages. The pinnacle of the Earth Singing talent is the ability to sense the slow dance of the earth itself and to manipulate it; to feel the pulsing of the planet’s life blood and to shape it to your bidding.
During the Age of Legends, this weave was used to protect the people of the land from vulcanism and earthquakes. At the time of the breaking, this same weave was used by insane male channelers to destroy and reshape great swaths of the world.
This weave touches and awakens pockets of magma lying dormant deep in the earth, causing them to surge upward in great, fiery geysers. Anyone caught in the primary area of effect will suffer 20d6 points of damage per round. Those people in the secondary zone of effect suffer 12d6 damage. In both cases, a Reflex save drops the damage to half.

Casting level Primary Area of Effect Secondary Area of Effect Brew Time
9 5 ft. radius circle 10 ft. radius circle 1 minute
10 10 ft. radius circle 20 ft. radius circle 5 minutes
11 15 ft. radius circle 30 ft. radius circle 10 minutes
12 20 ft. radius circle 40 ft. radius circle 30 minutes


Spinning Earthfire

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