Tie Off Weave


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Wheel of time

Tie Off Weave

You can “tie off” your weaves, leaving them in effect indefinitely without having to hold them.

Prerequisite: Wisdom 13 or higher
Benefit: With this feat, you can keep a weave that you have cast with a duration of concentration in effect indefinitely without having to hold it. The weave simply continues to function until you release it, regardless of what you do or where you are. To release the weave, you must be able to see it.

A tied-off weave will eventually unravel and end. The duration of a tied-off weave is equal to your channeler level in days, minus 4 times the casting level of the weave, in hours. Take, for example, a 4th-level weave cast by a 7th-level initiate. Tied off, the weave remains in effect for six days and eight hours (seven days minus sixteen hours).


Tie Off Weave

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