Character Creation and Leveling


“He might have been insane but he could out general anyone I ever saw. He never lost a battle, he never even came close to losing.”

Wheel of time

Pathfinder Character Generation Steps

1. Roll your statistics how the DM wants it done.

2. Look at the classes, and consider your character’s race. Put your stats in the best slots for the class, and apply your race’s bonuses or negatives. Be sure to note on your sheet what these are.

3. Be sure to choose your preferred class. At each level, including 1, you can either get +1 HP or +1 skill point.

4. Go to your class’ page. Give yourself the maximum roll of the Hit Die plus your CON modifier. These are your starting Hit Points. Take some time to consider your character’s alignment, and how he or she will act in the game. Note your proficiencies in armor and weapons.

5. On your character sheet, write down the Base Attack Bonus, Base Fort save, Reflex save, and Will save.

6. Look at your character’s skills, and mark them on your character sheet. Add up your character’s Skill Ranks per Level, and apply them to any skills on the sheet. If it is a Class Skill, and you put at least 1 point in it, then add a miscellaneous +3 modifier on the side when you roll using that skill.

7. Add to your character whatever is under the “Special” category. If you are a spellcasting class, look at the number of spells known, and select what your character will enter play knowing.

8. Next, apply your ability modifiers to your defenses, as well as your Combat Maneuver Bonus, Defense, Skills, To-Hit, etc. With this, determine your character’s initiative.

9. Consult your DM on how equipment will be handled, then roll your starting gold, and purchase items from the shop that your character is proficient in, and can use.

10. Finally, select your character’s feat(s). These are a precious resource, so be careful when choosing.


Character Creation and Leveling

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