“I am looking for discrepancies….. in books, I’m a historian I suppose you can say.”

Wheel of time

When I first decided to take on this task I knew it wouldn’t be easy. For instance, if I try to connect to the books by involving named or main characters I would be accused of changing the overall story, and thusly, world of The Wheel of Time. To assuage this potential conflict, I have decided on a specific continuity policy. The story and world of this D&D campaign is exactly the same as that in Robert Jordan’s books, however, the existence of the players’ characters slightly alters things, like the flap of a butterfly’s wings can change something on the other side of the world. Also, these characters’ actions can make an impact on the overall progression of events of the story. Such changes can be minor such as preventing Martyn Tallanvor from escorting Rand out of the castle in book one (they accidentally actually did this), to killing Mazrim Taim before he helps found the Black Tower (that won’t be an easy one if they attempt it).



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