Daedalus' Lab


“Those things look like the waygates, is this a way-station?”

Wheel of time

The greatest-kept secret of Jokoma lies in a laboratory, and it opens onto the world.
The area known as Daedalus’ Lab is akin to a traveling way-station, but its possibilities are much greater. The room opens onto many doors, each of which acts much like the doors of the Ways in that they lead to places many leagues away from the main room itself. While some of the gates’ pathways are as yet unknown, four of the passages have been discovered. One leads to Jokoma itself, opening underneath the obelisk in the center of town.
The other three lead far away from Jokoma. One opens onto a stedding, an Ogier haven where the One Power cannot enter. One leads directly into the Blight, a land of death and monsters. And one leads to Tarwin’s Gap, a great mountain pass that marks the boundary between the Spine of the World and the Mountains of Dhoom.

Daedalus  lab

Within the lab itself, there are limited furnishings; tables and some chairs are most abundant. The things ON the tables, however, would pique the interest of even the most dense. Strange and foreign equipment litter the tables, and the walls are covered in old drawings and schematics. Some of the drawings—Callandor, the Choedan Kal, and others—reference ter’angreal and sa’angreal of great power. And in the adjoining room, a strange, glowing cylinder resides…
The laboratory also once held a strange rock-beast, a golem, known as Onyx, but the creature has mysteriously vanished. Its history is known but to a few, including the room’s original owner and builder, Daedalus Jokoma, a long-gone Aes Sedai from a long-gone Age.


Daedalus' Lab

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