Prestige Classes


“He was better. But he thought I was finished, with only one arm. He never understood. You surrender after you’re dead.”

Wheel of time

The Heron-marked blade tells the tale plainly, this man is unmatched in battle. Bearing his distinctive weapon the Blademaster strides the westlands and confronts the Dark one wherever he goes. The most famous Blademaster are themselves legends.
From Tar Valon an envoy Aes Sedai rides to confer with the queen in Caemlyn. By her side ever-vigilant is a hard-eyed man, her warder. Bound to the Aes Sedai by the one power, he is companion, guardian, and confidant. He would lay down his life for her without a second thought.
Blademaster, Aes Sedai, and Warder are exampls of Prestige classes. Characters who qualify can choose a prestige class as a multiclass as they advance in level. Prestige classes allow gms to create specific elusive roles and positions as classes. In some cases, as with the various channeler prestige classes, they also represent the acceptance or assumption of specific traditions or philosophy. These special roles offer abilities and powers otherwise inaccessible to characters focusing them specific directions. As a character with a prestige class will be more specialized, yet perhaps slightly better than a character without one.
A newly created first level character cannot began as a member of a prestige class. Abilities granted by prestige classes are inappropriate for beginning characters. They are acquired only by meeting the requirement specific for each example. Which almost always require in effect that a character be at least mid level, say 5th or 6th level. Additionally there may be non-rules related requirements that must be met in game such as group membership fees, initiation, special training exercises, quests and the like.

The following Prestige Classes are available for characters in the Wheel of Time World:


Prestige Classes

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