“Strange to see a heron -mark blade in the hands of a sheepherder. Are you worthy of it? You had better be. You’re alone now, Nothing to hold to behind you, and nothing before, and anyone can be a Darkfriend. Anyone.”

Wheel of time

A working knowledge of the Pathfinder™ gaming system will be immeasurably helpful at understanding the rules and concepts outlined in the rest of this wiki. A good reference for the base rules for Pathfinder can be found here . I have designed this system as a personal project without need or desire for compensation of any sort and all relevant copyrights are held by Paizo Publishing (for the system basics) and Robert Jordan’s estate (for the setting). I have converted it to the Pathfinder system on the site here for convenience. Most of the work converting I have taken from that of Jesse Jack Jones, his website can be found here. Most of what you see below is from his PDF. All content is protected under the Open Gaming License of Fair Use.

Wheel of Time Pathfinder Rules

Chapter 1 – Basics
Chapter 2 – Character Creation and Leveling
Chapter 3 – Races and Cultures
Chapter 4 – Base Classes
Chapter 5 – Prestige Classes
Chapter 6 – Skills
Chapter 7 – Feats
Chapter 8 – Weapons and Equipment
Chapter 9 – Channeling
Chapter 10 – Creatures and Opponents

House Rules

Below is a list of house rules and supplement rules that pertain to this campaign. They are subject to change. Violations of house rules have a warning, and then in game consequences. For instance, talking to other characters more than you would actually be able to during combat will receive a warning, and if done again may result in a attack of opportunity by an enemy for not paying attention to combat, or something of similar effect. This is just an example.

PC Rules
Ta’veren Points



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