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Wheel of time

Skills represent the knowledge and abilities of a character that experience gradual improvements as opposed to feats, detailed in Chapter 7, which are generally only a single large improvement, or a series of progressively more powerful single improvements chained together. The ability to hide in shadows, recall knowledge about historical events, and make weapons are all different types of skills.
A character’s level of ability in a skill is controlled by their “rank,” or the number of skill points they have put into the skill. Relatively little time will be spent on skills, which are covered in the Pathfinder™ core rules. Only new or altered rules or differences in skills will be discussed in depth.
Skill Checks: When you wish to use a skill, you perform a skill check. This can either be against the DC (Difficulty Class) of a specific action, where your skill check must match or exceed the given DC, or as an opposed skill check, where the character and an opponent or target make checks in corresponding skills (for example, a character’s Stealth check versus a guard’s Perception check) and whoever gets the higher result wins.
A skill check is made by using the following formula:
d20 + skill rank + relevant ability modifier + other bonuses = skill check
Trained/Untrained: Even if a character does not have any ranks in a given skill, they can sometimes try to achieve the same results through improvisation, luck, or sheer natural ability. If a skill is denoted as being “untrained,” it is not necessary to have any ranks in the skill to try and use it, though it is rare for a character to be able to surmount very high DC tasks. A skill that is “trained,” meanwhile, has no chance of success if the character does not have at least one rank in the relevant ability.
Channeling: A skill denoted as Channeling requires one to be able to touch the One Power to even attempt. In game terms, a character must have at least one level in a class that can Channel—either Initiate or Wilder—to be able to put ranks in a skill or use it untrained.
Lost: Much lore has been lost since the Breaking of the World. A skill marked as Lost cannot even be attempted until a character has awoken the power in him—or herself, usually through the Awaken Lost Talent feat.
Skill Key Ability Untrained Channeling Lost
Acrobatics Dex X - -
Appraise Int X - -
Art Cha X - -
Bluff Cha X - -
Channel Wis X X -
Climb Str X - -
Composure Wis - X -
Craft Int X - -
Diplomacy Cha X - -
Disable Device Dex - - -
Disguise Cha X - -
Dreaming Wis X X X
Escape Artist Dex X - -
Foretelling Int X X X
Handle Animal Cha - - -
Heal Wis X - -
Intimidate Cha X - -
Knowledge Int - - -
Inversion Int - X -
Linguistics Int - - -
Old Blood Int X - X
Perception Wis X - -
Perform Cha X - -
Profession Wis - - -
Ride Dex X - -
Sense Motive Wis X - -
Sleight of Hand Dex - - -
Sniffer Wis - - X
Stealth Dex X - -
Survival Wis X - -
Swim Str X - -
Treesinging Cha - - X
Viewing Wis X X X
Weavesight Int X X -



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