The Golden Stag


“Talia! Come get these men some drinks!! Now Girl!!!!”

Wheel of time

Nestled in a corner of the great outer wall of Caemlyn is the Golden Stag, a small yet well-supplied inn for wanderers and kings alike. The inn bears many rooms ranging from the cheapest of dirt-cheap up to lavish suites for the most meticulous and wealthy of men and women. In addition to the rooms, the Golden Stag holds its own stables, a large dining area, and a large lending library.
The staff of the Golden Stag is small but well-known; the master of the inn, Ferrin, employs only the best (or so you’d believe) and while he may come off as a bit bumbling under pressure, he is generally a fair innkeeper. He leaves the stables in Bennet’s charge, whose daughter, Siren, is well-known and loved among the inn’s staff.



The Golden Stag

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